Herbal Consultation

The human body is a miraculous feat of biological engineering. Under the right conditions, it is its own best healer. Many issues contribute to disease (or dis-ease) in the body: the quality of our food, our sleep, our work, our interactions, our relationships, our environment. We often don’t treat our bodies like a best friend, much less a temple.

When our bodies become run down, are neglected, ignored, or pushed beyond their capacity, they let us know. Sometimes it’s recurring colds, stiff shoulders, gastric upset or nagging lower back pain. Sometimes the warning signs show up as anxiety or insomnia. If you are in discomfort, your symptoms are an opportunity to make a change, to bring yourself back into balance.

What is your body trying to tell you?

In holistic health planning, my goal is to fully understand your current situation and health goals and then offer practical, tailored suggestions that bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. I use the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Western herbalism to assess where you are out of balance. Then I offer recommendations to help you restore your physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual balance. When balance is restored, so is health.

Healing begins with being heard.

This offering includes a one-hour initial consultation, plus a detailed written plan delivered by email (usually within 3 days), with specific recommendations for improving your health issue(s). The holistic plan covers an assessment of your body’s constitution and sections on recommended botanical medicine, nutrition, sleep, movement, and lifestyle changes as needed.

What you receive:

  • An initial one-hour consultation (via phone or Zoom) to thoroughly understand your health issues and goals.
  • A written plan with practical suggestions for your specific health situation. The plan includes herbal therapies, nutrition and lifestyle changes, depending on the issue(s).
  • One or more follow-up consultations (via phone or Zoom), depending on your chosen option.
  • Updated health plan recommendations that correspond to any health changes during the time period of the chosen option.
  • Related handouts and additional resources.
  • Email support for duration of the chosen option.

Each consultation includes at least one follow-up session with the option to choose more, if you desire more support as you make changes.

You can choose from three options (named after three favorite, powerful plant allies):

  • Dandelion: Consultation and health plan, plus 1 follow-up consultation within one month – $250
  • Echinacea: Consultation and health plan, plus 2 follow-up consultations within two months – $350
  • Goldenrod: Consultation and health plan, plus 3 follow-up consultations within three months – $450

I am not accepting new clients at this time. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please click the button below.

What Clients Say

“I was experiencing severe and chronic pain, falling into depression when Kimberly listened to me! Really listened like no physician ever did! She had options for me. I took the herbs she suggested. In a few days, it seemed miraculous to me that my pain was in check and my depression had lifted! So grateful for her compassionate and competent healing.” – Angela P., Burien, WA

“After living with involuntary head tremors for years, with no answers from my doctor, I decided to persue ‘alternative’ options. I reached out to Kim for guidance and assistance, and I couldn’t be happier. After our initial meeting, Kim provided an immense wealth of knowledge based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The herb and diet recommendations have provided me with 100% improvement.  I am beyond grateful for Kim’s expertise and compassion. She truly cares about the work that she does and the people that she helps.” – Megan J., Tacoma, WA

“I am so grateful to have found Kimberly and Goldenrod Healing. I have a hard time finding all the words to express my gratitude for her guidance and understanding of my convoluted health history, which include a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Since I have started seeing Kim my kidney stones have gone away, my immune system is strengthening, and for the first time in years I am finding I have more energy. I am slowly feeling like I am getting my life back. Thank you Kim for helping me to heal my body and soul.” – Leslie L., Emmitsburg, Maryland

Working with Kim has really helped me. I’ve been dealing with sleep issues for a few years. I’ve been to various other people to seek help including a naturopathic physician without success. I have to say Kim took a very comprehensive approach to my situation and provided comprehensive guidance that included meaningful explanations of what she was recommending. Her approach is the opposite of “take two pills and call me in the morning”. Her knowledge is vast and she shares it. She’s delightful and articulate. My situation is much improved and I am happy to refer others to her for help and healing. Thank you Kim!
– Kevin M., Olympia, WA