Are you ready to care more wholly and deeply for yourself?

Maybe you’re in a stressful job and have a chronically tense neck or shoulders. Maybe you notice feeling more anxious during your commute, or more overwhelm from an overloaded schedule. Do you suspect there is a link between how you feel physically and other parts of your life?

You’re right.

Perhaps you’ve had a frustrating experience with a modern medical practice that doesn’t seem to listen or truly understand your issue(s). Or perhaps you need help with managing physical symptoms, and want to know more about why you are experiencing dis-ease in the first place. Maybe you are concerned about simply masking an issue when what you really want is to figure out the root cause, address it, and genuinely care for your whole self.

Would you like to make health changes but aren’t sure where to start?

My healing journey began over three decades ago when I suffered from chronic sinus infections. Eventually, they were joined by myriad other issues and I felt like I was slowly falling apart in my 30s. I began to explore alternative treatments: acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, qigong, Reiki, herbal medicine, meditation, body work, energy medicine.

I benefited from each of these, but lasting change didn’t occur until I began to see the underlying beliefs and thought patterns that drove me to burn-out. Greater self-awareness led to small behavior changes. One day, I realized that my priorities had slowly shifted. I felt more grounded and healthy and I wanted to stay that way.

Healing begins with listening to the wisdom of your body

What is your body telling you? You hurt for a reason. There are many paths to wellness and we have the right to decide how we care for our own health. The most successful holistic health therapies (and therapists) employ deep listening and honor where you are in your health journey. This website’s resources are for people who are both curious and serious about exploring integrative ways of caring for themselves.

Greater self-awareness leads to better self-care

My life looks and feels very different now. It is calmer and slower-paced. There is less pressure and more pauses. I’m healthier. And I’m happier.

The holistic techniques I used – and later trained in – have helped me feel not only well, but whole again. They are time-tested as well as uniquely suited to support our well-being during these challenging times.

I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to share these integrative techniques with people who are both curious and serious about exploring holistic ways of caring for themselves.

There are many paths to wellness. I hope that you find something of value here that supports you on your own path to greater clarity, alignment and joy.