Holistic health therapies unite science and spirit and promote your body’s natural ability to heal on all levels.

I’ve enjoyed curating these resources that assisted me on my healing journey. I hope they provide you with information and inspiration for yours!

A 7-day online course of beautiful audio meditations, rituals and reflections for anyone who wants to connect to a sense of higher meaning and witness more Grace in their lives through gentle, daily practices. (Free.)

These teachings provide step-by-step resources that help you learn how to bring the practice of contemplation into your everyday life, resulting in a deep sense of spaciousness, calm and clarity. (Available as book or $45 online course.)


By holistically addressing the root causes of illness and dis-ease, the traditional medicinal use of plants can help the body return to a balanced state that promotes healing.


Used effectively the world over for centuries, biofield therapy encourages a deep sense of calm and relaxation to support health and facilitate the healing process.

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Active meditation, or visualization, allows for deeper levels of healing by releasing toxic thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behavior for more successful navigation of life’s challenges.