Kim and Ziggy in the garden

I offer an integrated, tailored approach to achieving vibrant health that combines health science and ancient global healing traditions.
I use a paradigm of healing that:

  • Identifies and evaluates physical and energetic patterns that point to the root cause of disease.
  • Supports our body’s ability to restore itself to balance and wellness.

My services include holistic health planning, energy medicine healing sessions, and mentoring in active meditation. I have been on a holistic health path for over twenty years and believe that our best health is possible only by addressing the whole person. These therapies turned my life around and made me healthier and happier. After experiencing them, then systematically using them and finally training in them, I hope to share their many benefits with others.

I see local clients at an office in the south Puget Sound area. I also provide services for clients across the U.S. via phone or online video chat (your choice). I work best with people who are ready and willing to make changes that move them toward vibrant health.

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About the Name Goldenrod

When I began studying ethnobotany, I found myself drawn to those lowliest of plants in a gardener’s realm: the weeds. After years of digging out dandelions and other unwanteds, I had been seriously chastened to learn that they and many other “weeds” are nutritious and delicious as well as ubiquitous. I wanted to give a nod to a green ally that was often overlooked or even vilified. However, I also wanted to find a name that reflected energy medicine. While in meditation, the name Goldenrod came gently calling and it could not have been more perfect….

The scientific name for the goldenrod plant is Solidago, which means “to make whole.” (I guess I could stop right there!) The tall yellow spires of goldenrod – often accused of allergies caused by ragweed – abound in late summer. It is a strong plant ally for conditions including bladder infections, seasonal allergies, muscle aches, arthritis, and cold and flu care. You can also eat its flowers (wonderful in crepes) and leaves and use it as a healing tea, poultice, tincture, powder, or oil infusion. Blessing nearly everyone with its healing presence, over 100 species of goldenrod grow all over the world and there are native species in all 50 states and Canada.

Golden rods, or pillars, are also found in ancient wisdom and healing traditions. Shamans, priests and healers created sacred healing space in part by envisioning large golden pillars surrounding their patient. Likewise, visualizing golden pillars is a technique used by modern-day energy workers when creating a safe healing space for their clients.

My Credentials

I have successfully completed the following:

  • Levels 1-5 training in the Healing Touch Program, earning the designation of Healing Touch Practitioner (HTP).
  • Two-year Professional Herbalist program, focusing on Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western herbal medicine systems.
  • Plant Studies and Ethnobotany Apprenticeship.
  • Additional training in phytotherapy, clinical pharmacology, medicine-making and culinary herbalism.
  • Usui-form Reiki training.
  • A year-long intensive meditation program including 700+ hours of meditation.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Pacific Lutheran University and a Master’s degree in public policy from Duke University.

I am a member in good standing of the American Herbalists Guild, Healing Touch Professional Association, and the Energy Medicine Professional Association and adhere to their Code of Ethics and Standards of Care. I am also a member of United Plant Savers.

Note: Herbalism and bio-field energy medicine are not recognized health care modalities in Washington state and there is currently no state or national licensing for herbal practitioners. However, I am a licensed business in Washington and am insured for energy work through the Energy Medicine Professional Association.

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