My Story

Hi there! Welcome to Goldenrod Healing. My name is Kimberly Cregeur (pronounced “Kray-jer” – my husband’s surname and a unique combo of French spelling and German pronunciation that’s nearly impossible to spell or pronounce correctly). Since you’re here, you might be interested in knowing a bit more about why I like being a healing ally.

My healing journey began over two decades ago when I suffered from chronic sinus infections. It would start with a cold with nearly every change of season, then turn into a sinus infection – so I felt terrible much of the time. When I was in my 20s, doctors prescribed antibiotics for sinus infections. Eventually, my doctor said if I continued to receive antibiotics they might not be effective against a life-threatening infection. I did not realize until much later that the antibiotics were also wreaking havoc with my digestive system. I slowly began to seek out alternative treatments.

My first relief came from acupuncture. I was leery, but after just one acupuncture treatment, my recovery time was quicker and the symptoms less painful. But I still got sick. Finally, my acupuncturist told me that I was so susceptible because I was always dehydrated. (Wait, what?!) Drinking more water helped, but of course it wasn’t that simple. My illnesses always coincided with me being run-down. Not enough sleep, not eating very well, not dressing warmly enough. (Hailing from Florida, it took many years for me to realize both the fashion virtues and health necessity of scarves in fall and winter.)

I wish I could say that had been my wake-up call. Instead, I embarked on a start-and-stop journey toward better health. I had a demanding career in public service, so I did whatever my schedule would allow. Sometimes I had an exercise routine. Sometimes I planned and prepared healthier meals. But whatever I did took a back seat to work, and long hours usually meant backsliding on my health commitments.

I finally began to get more serious when I was diagnosed with minor depression and adrenal fatigue. I was lucky to have a naturopathic doctor who looked at root causes and discovered that diet and lifestyle were the main culprits. I began exploring natural and traditional remedies: Reiki, yoga, tai chi, qigong, herbal medicine, meditation. Eventually I quit my full-time job for more intensive study and training in ethnobotany, Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Western herbal medicine and nutrition, meditation, and Healing Touch.

After seeing how well these integrative therapies have supported my well-being, I am opening a practice to help others discover their best health path. I will be focusing on helping worn-out people feel well again. As a recovering perfectionist, I have a deep understanding of the mind-set of hard workers and the toll that it takes on their minds and bodies. The therapies I have used and studied have helped me feel not only well, but whole again. I want to be a friend in healing to others in the same boat.