Active Meditation

I used to think I couldn’t meditate. I tried to count my breaths but my mind would start wandering at around “3”. No matter what I did I couldn’t seem to turn my mind off. It even hurt to sit cross-legged on a cushion. I was sure that meditation was not for me. It was definitely for other people who were more calm by nature or more patient or more spiritual…

Then I discovered active meditation.

There are many forms of meditation. Whether walking in a labyrinth, sitting on a cushion, or even making a cup of tea, meditative practices help you calm your mind and be in the present moment. My favorite type of meditation involves guided imagery, active meditation, or visualization. This style of meditation is ideal for people who struggle with quieting their thoughts or sitting with their emotions.

There are many paths to wholeness.

Unlike other forms of meditation, active meditation techniques actively engage the mind and re-focus your thoughts. They help you to achieve clarity and calm. They can be used throughout the day, even when driving or in conversation! Practicing active meditation is especially beneficial for those who are:

  • Feeling stressed out or frazzled
  • Feeling “stuck” or powerless
  • Emotionally sensitive or overwhelmed
  • Feeling anxious or depressed
  • Feeling ungrounded, disconnected or flighty
  • Looking for greater clarity, purpose and insight
Learning and practicing active meditation techniques has helped me to more easily (and hopefully more gracefully) navigate the challenges of the modern world. Below is a link to several guided meditations under “Self-Care Techniques.” If you would like to try or practice active meditation in a guided session with me, click here.