Shameless Soap Promo (not mine)

In a post from last summer, I wrote about my new favorite toilet paper supplier: Who Gives A Crap. For me, they have achieved the retail trifecta: an ethically and sustainably-produced product, 50 percent of their profits donated to help make the world a better place, and pfunny (punny + funny) marketing. My favorite email from them was addressed “From Me To My Future Self.” (I probably laughed harder because I used to have a co-worker who would leave himself Post-It note reminders that would begin with “Future Eric, make sure to…”.)

Then a few weeks ago while cleaning the house and listening to a music mix on YouTube, I was shocked to hear someone say, “Listen up! The soap you shower with? It’s s***.”  Say what now? I hustled over to my phone and ended up watching the entire 3 minute, 32 second commercial for Dr. Squatch Natural Soap for Men.


And I’m not the only one who thinks so. As of this writing, it has racked up nearly 100 million views.

Like most people, I can hardly wait until the first five or six seconds of an online commercial are over so that I can tap “Skip Ads.” This ad was so entertaining – and effective – that not only did I watch it then click the link, I also laughed my way through all the videos on their site, texted the soap commercial link to several friends, and then ordered Dr. Squatch shampoo and conditioner for hubby. (They had me at “sham.”)

I’m probably a marketer’s dream because I really wanted to reward the company for their commercials (and good products). I enjoy making my own cold-process soap, so we didn’t need to join their “soapscription” service. However, I had been trying to find a better (less smelly and chemical-laden) shampoo for Hubby. Even though I’ve made my own shampoo, it can be a bit laborious to do regularly, and Hubby doesn’t want to use mine (although there’s enough grey now that he could! Sorry, honey.).

But let’s be frank – my pleas of “But it’s so much better for your hair!” just don’t have the visceral marketing punch that Dr. Squatch commercials do for skeptical husbands. Talk about hilarious pandering to male stereotypes! Hubby confirmed that even though the commercial is (mostly) tongue-in-cheek, it still resonated. So now he has their shampoo and conditioner (not 2-in-1! which is like wearing cargo pants on a date! watch the clip!).

I don’t know if they donate a portion of their profits. I certainly hope so! Regardless, they still tick two of my boxes for happier product purchasing. And we could all use cleaner bodies and more laughter these days!